Real Estate Services for Athletes

Guidance for Athletes Obtaining a Mortgage

Dara Fahy Mortgage Planner
“My goal is to provide thorough, efficient service with the highest level of professionalism and integrity to clients at all times.”

Planning for Your Future Beyond the Game

As a lifetime hockey player and assistant coach at the Bantam level, I understand the demands placed on athletes. It’s also of utmost importance that when planning for the future, an athlete takes into consideration their finances- mortgages and real estate being an important factor.

As a mortgage planner, advisor, broker, financial manager and private real estate investor, I approach mortgage planning as one of the key elements in an overall financial plan, and view your mortgage requirements in the context of this broad and comprehensive perspective. Although fully qualified to sell real estate, securities and financial planning services, I do not do so. My sole focus is on mortgage planning as one of the cornerstones of your financial plan.

I will work closely with the CKM Sports Management Team, including their Financial Planner, to ensure that any real estate transactions, such as buying a home or investment property, are well timed and fit into your overall plan. As a client of CKM, you will receive an exclusive “best rate” offer, as well as the highest level of planning and advice when it comes to real estate and your mortgage.

Dara Fahy, AMP – Mortgage Planner
Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-537-6155

Guidance for Athletes Looking to Purchase a Property or an Investment

Lindesey UlaszonekIn Vancouver, where some of the world’s finest properties are set against a backdrop of astonishing beauty, relaxation comes naturally. Lindsey Ulaszonek is a Vancouver native with a genuine love for our city, and prides herself on being down-to-earth, honest, and efficient. Committed to integrity, focusing on the market, and quality of service, you’ll be happy to have Lindsey on your side. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, Lindsey is always committed to making sure you feel at ease and taken care of.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Communications, Lindsey is a social media pro and is always on top of the latest market trends. This helps her clients when it comes to marketing their home in the best way possible. Lindsey is tenacious, is a strong negotiator and prides herself on always being available. Lindsey takes the time to get to know your needs making your experience smooth and enjoyable.

When you join the CKM Sports Management team you gain unprecedented access to the real estate professionals that understand the unique needs of athletes.

Lindsey Ulasazonek
West Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: 604-889-7188