Mental Toughness

Psychological strength is a tool that is growing exponentially in athletics. Currently, sports specific and clinical psychologists are being used by professional teams to enhance individual athletic performance. Similar to high-performance fitness, psychological strength and conditioning is starting to progress down from the professional ranks to junior and minor hockey programs. CKM holds strongly in the theory that performance in sport is largely psychologically influenced. Successful implementation of this program, is a competitive advantage that consists of psychological strength, with minor advantages in physical attributes and work ethic.

HarrisTraining Players to Gain an Edge with Mental Toughness

Conditioning an athlete’s mind may be the difference in the fraction of a second between succeeding or failing. CKM employs psychological strategies with clients to maximize their psychological strength.

Mindset, Focus, and Concentration on the Ice

Psychological conditioning can be utilized to improve mindset, focus, and concentration. A primary benefit that many forget is that psychological strength increases a player’s overall ability that is improved through nutrition, and strength training. Therefore as a development resource, CKM feels it would be shortsighted to not focus on improving our clients’ psychological strength.

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